Scary, Exciting Change

Scary, Exciting Change

Dude.  Change is effing scary.  Exciting, but scary.  My husband (Poppa Pigg for future reference) has recently received a commission into the United States Air Force.  We will be moving from our comfy house to the unknown, and will be changing from a double income family, to learning to live off of just his income while I stay home with our two daughters.

We both grew up in about a 50 mile radius of where we currently live.  We also both went to college within the same 50 mile radius.  For people not from the midwest, this may be hard to fathom, that we have both always lived within a 45 minute drive of our parents and even extended families.  It’s been pretty perfect, not gonna lie.  We’ve been spoiled with having everyone so close – grandparents just a phone call away for a date night or even date weekend, easy holidays, and help with major house repairs.

All that is about to change.  After the move, we’ll be at least a 5 hour drive from our beloved Southern Illinois, and we’re going to become much dependent on each other, and hopefully learn to trust our new military family.

We both were able to secure employment right out of college, and while we aren’t making a fortune, we are very comfortable.  We’ve been able to travel internationally, buy grown up toys, spoil our children, and still have a semi-comfortable savings level.

All that is about to change.  After the move, I’ll be staying home with our two girls, and the purse strings are going to tighten.

Like I said, change is effing scary.


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