The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

I know the old military adage is “hurry up and wait,” but this whole commissioning process has taken it to the next level.

Poppa Pigg has been in the Air Force Reserves for over 10 years.  So when he decided to go active duty, I foolishly thought we’d be old pros at this whole military game.

He learned that he got his commission in late November.  We received word on what base he was being assigned in December, along with a tentative report date.  They call it tentative for a reason.

Now, here we are, just a couple of weeks before the alleged report date the Air Force teased us with, still waiting on a new report date and for orders to drop.

I’ve compiled a list of things I cannot do until we have those orders in hand:

  • Get on the waiting list for base housing;
  • Give notice to my employer of my resignation;
  • Put our house on the market;
  • Organize my daughter’s March Birthday Party because we don’t know where we’ll be living;
  • Schedule my daughter’s next well check appointment;
  • Renew our car registration (why should I pay this state $125 when we’ll hopefully be outta here soon?!).
  • etc., etc., etc.

Worse than all that, is constantly fielding questions about when and where we’re going.  We gave our family and friends this big announcement, only to have to keep everyone in limbo.

But, I suppose this is good practice for this new life to which we’ve committed.


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