Weekly Menu – 1/25

Weekly Menu – 1/25

I’m a total creature of habit.  Every Monday, I sit down and create a Weekly Family Menu for us, and a corresponding grocery list.  My grocery list is obviously organized by food type, because how else would you make a list?  And, of course, I create it in Google Docs, so I have my list with me everywhere on my phone.  It looks a like this:


Pretty fancy, huh?  Haha.  I’ve done my menu like this for at least 5 years now.  You call it OCD, I call it organized.  I usually go to the store during my lunch hour to avoid taking the girls with me, so being organized means I can get in and out as fast as possible.

So, this morning, I’m working on planning out meals for the week.  Poppa Pigg is into fitness and health (blah), and has been doing a paleo diet.  Me, not so much.  I use the excuse that I’m still nursing, but let’s be honest.  Bread and cheese are 2 of my main purposes in life.

So, I try to plan for a paleo meal that I can add carbs to for me, and something that a picky 3 year old would also eat.  Sounds easy?  About as easy as peace in the Middle East.

Here are some of the recipes I’m going to try this week that meet most of the requirements:

  • Roasted Chicken Shawarma from Laa Loosh – Not gonna lie, I have really good luck from the Laa Loosh website.  (Think it’s one word or two??)  Seriously, check it out if you’re trying to eat healthy.  Now, I’m honestly not sure how Piggman will like this recipe, and I may be feeding the preschooler a grilled cheese, but I’m pretty pumped about it.  Especially how in the comments it mentions that it creates a juice that is perfect to pour over rice.
  • Egg Roll in a Bowl from Smile Sandwich –  This recipe sounds perfect for a week night meal.  I’m all about one pot dinners.
  • Healthier Salisbury Steaks from Once a Month Meals – I’ve made these before, and they are the perfect comfort food for a dreary January night, and it’s *almost* paleo.
  •  Paleo Buffalo Chicken Casserole from Wicked Spatula – Normally, anything calling for grated cauliflower is quickly nixed.  I don’t care how much you tell me it tastes just like mashed potatoes or rice, it doesn’t.  But, damnit if this lady can take some beautiful food porn pics.  Plus, I’m a sucker for anything with buffalo sauce.

I love to try new recipes, so let me know if you have one the Pigg family should try!


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