Piggs do Disney

Piggs do Disney

Poppa Pigg and I have been married for 10 years this year!  Quite the feat.  For the past couple years, we’ve been saving up for a glorious trip to Italy.  I knew we’d spend our 10 year anniversary sipping vino, eating amazing pasta,  and falling in love all over again on the streets of Venice.

Then came his commission.

Goodbye guaranteed vacation days.  Since it is to be his first year in active duty, we were unsure that he’d be able to get the leave time to take an international vacation in September, let alone the logistics of getting the kids to the grandparents and all else that now comes with living away from family.

So, the only logical option?  Over the top Disney trip.  I’m talking Finding Nemo Suite, dinners with princesses, matching t-shirts over the top.  Since we needed to go before his report date (which is still in limbo), we are set to arrive at the most magical place on earth in less than 10 work days!

Luckily, Disney is very supportive of the military, and offer some pretty kickass discounts.  We were able to get discounted Park Hopper tickets, and a discount on accommodations, so we didn’t blow our entire Italy budget.  Just the majority of it.

We’ve decided not to take the Wee One with us.  She’s only 7 months at this point, and although I knew we could survive Disney with her, we wanted to be able to go full throttle with our 3 year old.  Nap times are for chumps!

And while I’m a little disappointed about no international travel, I’m actually really looking forward to it.  And hey, maybe we’ll spend some extra time at Italy in Epcot, right?


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