PCS Update

PCS Update

*Trying to adapt the military lingo.  PCS is permanent change of station.*

Recruiter called Poppa Pigg a couple days ago and gave him a couple more hoops to jump through.  If I understood correctly, we’ll get our report date once he can recite the alphabet backwards while hopping on one foot, or fill out some more papers.  It was one of those two.

Meanwhile, I’ve been checking out off base housing just in case we can’t get on base.  Nothing in our BAH (basic allowance for housing) will get us what we currently have.  Not unless I work and can pitch in financially.  Or if it is in our price range, it doesn’t allow pets.  Which won’t work out for our poor fur friends, Tini-dog and Princess Cheddar.  (One’s a dog and one’s a cat.  I’ll let you figure out which is which.)

In all likelihood, I’ll stay behind with the girls until we sell our house, and Poppa Pigg will report by himself.  That way, I can continue to work to pay for this mortgage before we move.  We’ve also talked about Poppa Pigg getting a smaller house or apartment on a month-by-month basis until the our house sells, and then we can go ahead and get on the list for on-base housing, which is the most logical option.

So bottom line, I’m just wasting time at work by looking at houses we can’t afford and getting all worried.



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