The Brunette Asshole Parent

The Brunette Asshole Parent

On Instagram, I follow an account called Asshole Parents.  The basic premise is that people submit photos of their children crying for ridiculous reasons, and then conclude that it’s obviously because the parents are assholes.  While I’ve never submitted anything to the site, I experienced my own doozy last night. 2016-02-05-10.41.26.png.png

Last night, after much consideration, I decided to leave behind my blond highlights, and go closer to my natural color.  In theory, it will be less maintenance because I won’t have to get my roots covered every 8 weeks.

When I got home to show off my new look, I was greeted with this:

That’s right.  Not only did she not like it, she bawled over it.  She wanted my hair to be blond like hers.  I dyed my hair darker.  I guess that makes me an asshole parent.


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