PCS Update: Ask and You Shall Receive

PCS Update: Ask and You Shall Receive

Well, we asked for his orders to drop, and to get his report date, and oh buddy did we get it.  Last Friday, we got the word that he is to report in three weeks!  That’s right, we got three weeks notice to pack up our lives for him to start his military career.

Luckily for us, we had some what planned for this.  We’ve decided that he will go ahead and move, while I stay behind with the girls.  Another stroke of luck?  The base he got assigned to is only about 5 hours away so we’ll still be able to see each other on the weekends.

This past weekend we made the drive and found a place to live.  After reviewing all the options, we went with the housing on base.  Funny story about this, but it will have to come later.

Now our focus has shifted to getting our house on the market.  Operation Mad-Dash-Cleaning-Frenzy is this weekend.  We meet with the realtor on Monday!  No messing around!

We had tossed around the idea of me and the girls moving in my parents, or living in my brother’s house that sits empty since he moved, but we have now learned that we have 6 months from his report date to utilize the moving company.  So our plan as of right now is to move the bare necessities (the simple bare necessities) to base for him to survive, and then to move everything else up when the house sells.  This takes away a crazy amount of stress from me.

Poppa has given his two week notice to his employer, and is currently enjoying the life of coming and going as he pleases.  I’ve given my supervisor a head’s up, but that I’m here until at least May 1st, when the military insurance will begin to cover us.

So, while Poppa may be panicked and stressed, I’m actually doing okay.  Here come the changes!


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