March Clothing Budget Update

March Clothing Budget Update

I had previously made a goal to only spend $100 a month on clothes for our family of 4, or approximately $300 a year per person.  Luckily this month we’ve been so busy dealing with the move, that I haven’t really had time to buy clothes.  There were a couple exceptions.

The first weekend of the month, I spent the day at a local winery with my best friend.  The winery had just released a new dry blush, which was amazing, and we honestly don’t get to hang out one-on-one as much as I’d like, so we may have over celebrated.  I’m talking call-your-little-sister-and-make-her-drive-you-home over celebrated.  In my state of awesomeness, I thought it would be a great idea to buy my sister and I matching winery shirts.  At $35 a pop.  Le sigh.  While it obviously wasn’t a well thought out plan, I do like the shirt, and it was worth the photo op.  I’m counting my sister’s shirt as a miscellaneous expense, but it was cheaper than a taxi after all..


Fast forward a week, and I got a package in the mail that I then vaguely recalled buying online from my phone at the winery while my friend was in the bathroom.  Yup.  At least this one was only $15 on Groupon!


Meanwhile, in the realm of behaving like an adult and mother of 2, I did score some awesome deals on Wee One’s 9 month wardrobe.  Unfortunately, the hand me downs from Princess didn’t quite line out with the current season.  However, I’m an expert at stacking my Kohl’s discounts, and I was able to score her 10 new outfits for $35!  She will look quite stylish if she’s not covered in slobber.  For Princess, my awesome Mother went to the annual Kidsignment sale that is held biannually in our area.  She was able to get Princess 10 dresses, and 4 swimming suits all for $100!  Pretty pleased!  So both of our girls’ summer wardrobes are complete!

That brings our current Yearly Clothing Tally to:

  Number of Clothing Articles Purchased to Date Amount Spent
Momma Pigg 5 $105
Poppa Pigg 4 $130
Princess Pigg 14 $100
Wee One 11 $40



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