Birthday Prep

Birthday Prep

Princess Pigg turns 4 in March!  So the whole Pigg household is I am in full scale Birthday Planning!

We’re living in the era of the Pinterest extreme birthdays.  And while I love to drool over some of the over the top parties, I also realize I’m not horribly creative or crafty, and more importantly, I’m a little lazy.  Instead, the last couple years we’ve opted for a cute cake, and have invited family members to come partake in refreshments.

This year, Princess Pigg has been going back and forth between an Inside Out themed birthday party, or a He-Man birthday party.  (Shout out to Hulu for introducing our daughter to this 1980s gem.)  So my free internet time has been spent looking for cute cakes that match this theme.  Guess what?  There aren’t many He-Man birthday cakes out there, so I might have to enlist the help of some of my creative type friends for help.

Just in case she choses and Inside Out birthday party, I got her this cute dress, which she totally talked me into letting her wear.

I’ve also been trying to come up with some present ideas.  When recently asked what she would like for her birthday, she advised that she would like a pony, or she’d settle for a unicorn.  So there’s that.  Here are some of the more realistic ideas I’ve come up with for her possible present:

  • Saint Therese of Lisieux doll from Dolls from Heaven.  How awesome is this?  Looking for a  positive female role model?  Nailed it.2745381_orig.png
  • This awesome vintage He-Man pillow case from LiquidatorsVintage on Etsy.  She is obsessed with soft pillows.  I wish this had minky fabric on one side though – it’s her fave.  (I can hear your snarky reply in my head.  “Oh, your vintage He-Man pillow case doesn’t incorporate minky fabric as dictated by your pre-school overlord?  What a first world problem.”  And I get it, but damn it I can dream.)il_fullxfull_914510044_80j9.jpg
  • One of the new Barbie’s that have just been released.  No explanation needed.  They are awesome and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.FLSavailnow



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